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The EZRA Organization had been established prior to World War I.

Ezra Holdings Co. Ltd. had been established for strategic reasons in the West Indies, as well as with the (AA-Bank) Afro-Asiatic Bank in Beirut, Lebanon. Being an Afro-Asiatic-American organization, the original roots of the creation of Ezra had been in the Middle East after World War I.

The share capital of Ezra Holdings Co. is registered with USD$ 500 Million. Institutions connected with Ezra are quoted at the stock exchange in New York and Vancouver.

The Ezra Group is a private Investment Banking Company in form of a Holding that directs medium to long terms Investments or loans to public and private enterprises, especially in developing countries but since some years as well worldwide.

Ezra has direct access to large funds and can therefore grant hard currency loans. Ezra purchases convertible and equity issues, such values (issues) being resold privately to associated institutional Investors in the United States of America and/or international Banks to broaden private participation in commercial and industrial projects, particularly in less developed countries.

EZRA is only interested in loan volumes starting from USD$ 100 Million, with rare exceptions under certain conditions.